Norwegian Travel Assistant App Reviews

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The worst airline app !

Crash, cannot logging in, turn around to book a flight, a nightmare, the worst airline app !

Still not working

Everything is said in the title... The application doesnt work since almost 1 year, very sad...

Acceptable but amazingly slow

The app itself is acceptable for making bookings and loading boarding passes. However, Ive recently had huge problems with it. Purchases cannot be completed due to some random compiler error thats obviously not handled. The app itself is extremely slow. Especially when choosing dates, the picker stays on the selected date for what feels like 5 minutes. Same goes for e teeing airport codes. All in all the app has potential but it seems like its compiled and run on Windows 95!

app is ok, passbook is a big plus

I can not imagine boarding without passbook. Basic functionality is there. app could be simplified. it is ok overall.

Everyone should afford to fly

A very useful app with pretty simple interface. Easy way to get check-in, to buy luggage and seats. App works perfectly. The best airlines application in Apple Store.

Useless app

Crashes all the time. Cannot do online checkin. Does not add your flight itinerary and does not give terminal information. Basically a useless app. Hope the airline is better.

solid, minimalist

i love that its not cluttered. does what it does well. would like passbook integration.

Major battery drainer

This app drains battery like crazy!

Improvements still required

Some clunkiness to getting the app to work sometimes. Passport registration doesnt accept names that are only two letters long, and difficult to change passport expiration date (app requires you to input the date in a specific order, or doesnt accept input)


Current version doesnt work

Still Cannot Logon

I still cannot login with my password and login name. This has not been fixed.

Great apps

The app works really great and offers a user-friendly interface. Passbook integration is the single feature that is missing.

Unfortunately not useful

1. The App looks fancy but does not work properly. I was kept from finalising my registration by the fact that no county code for my phone number could be selected. The codes for 90% of all countries are missing. 2. Tried to use it without registration then (the App offers this "option"). But again bad luck: you can only use it when you paid for a seat reservation before. No reservation? Sorry- but you are out.. I erased the App.

Im growing fond of this airline

Looks good and works perfectly. Keep it up, Norwegian.

Nice but missing functionalities

No push messages for check-in, not compatible with passbook, not compatible with ical. Rest works fine.


Check-in did not work. Had to do go with the browser. Dont understand the passbook compatibility. Seems not to work either. However the rest works fine.

No Booking?

Airline app w/o booking is more or less useless

No booking posible

Very surprised that an airline App has no booking funcion!!!

Almost perfect

The app is great, but it is begging for the ability to add flight reservations to PassBook.

A lot to improve

No passbook, no new iPhone support, no option to check in without going to web to fill passport data. Sorry guys but this app is a little behind the market :-(

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